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MOBA Matic - no other system is that flexible!

-Job story of a paver install in Thailand-

„I realized again how flexible the MOBA System is when I installed the MOBA-Matic II and a MOBA Big-Ski on a Blaw-Know paver BK 95 in Bangkok, Thailand, this month“ states Leander Duchscherer.

When I first received pictures of the paver, I knew pretty fast that the paver has been in heavy use over the last 30 years.

After a complete refurbishment of the paver by our dealer CCC Intertrading CO.,LTD. and the service technician team of Mr. Chaiyaporn Rungruengpaitoon, the customer also asked for a MOBA grade control system.

I requested additional information for this unique paver type and started to prepare for the install. The paver was not set up for a proper installation of a grade control system.

In general, the MOBA Matic doesn’t need much of a preparation for a set-up. The access to the battery and the valves for up/down of the left and right cylinder are the minimum requirements.

In Europe and other parts of the world, a 10 pole plug is very common and regularily factory-installed. If a paver has this preset requirement, an install and calibration of a MOBA-Matic can be realized within a couple of hours. Our paver did not fulfill these requirements. My first step was to discuss the bracket position for our MOBA Matic controller and the applicable plug.

After that, we built the brackets and wiring harnesses. We installed and tested the system, and I adjusted the hydraulic outputs of the MOBA Matic to the valve drive.

The MOBA Matic can easily be set to the hydraulic outputs of the various hydraulic valves.

No other leveling system is so flexible!

Hydraulic outputs can be adjusted to the following settings:

  • ON / OFF valves PNP or NPN
  • proportional valves
  • servo valves

For these types of valves the min and max pulse can be calibrated on site.

Coming back to our installation of MOBA Big Sonic Ski and this BK 95 finisher, the MOBA Big Sonic Ski was mounted with a bracket on the tow arm of the machine. For that paver model I decided to use screws and asked the technicians Mr. Chaiyaporn to drill 4 x M16 threaded holes into the tow arms.

Rear Tow Arm (left) and Front Tow Arm (right)

After that, we were able to install the complete system and the machine was ready for delivery to the test track in the vicinity of Pattaya.

The system performed very well! Everyone was impressed with the operation of the MOBA Big Sonic Ski and the ease of use of the MOBA Matic. Most importantly, it was a great team effort!

Many thanks to Mr. Chaiyaporn, his Son Chakhorn, the technician team CCC.INTERTRADING CO., LTD, a technican from Jarkarta Mr. Heryanto Saputra company Vantage Commerce Pte. Ltd and my colleague Alexander Wahlmann.

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