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Paving Artificially Intelligent, with Temperature Control, thickness, leveling and compaction

2 - New technologies existing in the market, in the construction and conservation of pavements

As a response or recommendation of existing technology in the market, to solve the problems referred to in the introduction, let's talk about solutions for the monitoring and control of the temperature of the asphalt mass, the monitoring and control of thickness and leveling of the asphalt binder and of the monitoring and control of the compaction index of the asphalt layer in the different types of roller compactors. With the solutions detailed below, the prevention and improvement of the efficiency of the two most important factors in the life of a road are made, which are the segregation "figure 1" and the International Index of Roughness (IRI) "figure 2 and 3 "

seg1 seg2 seg3


          Figure 1. Example of segregation       Figure 2. IRI scale     Figure 3. Example of an IRI> 3m / KM


2.1 Monitoring and control of the temperature of the asphalt mass

Smart paving with real-time thermal visualization for asphalt paving in the present and in the future, allows the optimization of processes and documentation in road construction.

The perfect temperature of the paving material is an extremely important factor in the construction of roads and determinant for the quality of the road. Therefore, the exhaustive thermal visualization of the paving process provides valuable information on the quality of the material and offers completely new optimization opportunities. The infrared (IR) scanner method is a system that creates a thermal profile of the roadway in a clear and simple way and also, in real time. The high-precision infrared temperature scanner creates an exhaustive thermal profile of the extended layer with a total width equal to the width of the asphalt paver and, if desired, can be used as proof of paging and supply temperatures. In this way, the fully automatic display of the temperature offers the possibility of quickly identifying the specific points that may be affected by the thermal segregation to react immediately.

Additional high-performance sensors can be positioned on the pavers where desired, further measuring the temperatures of the material right where the temperature plays a decisive role, whether in the bucket, in the lower layer or in the mixer. This multiple measurement provides numerous highly accurate data. In this way it is possible to know the temperature of the material supplied in real time and, if necessary, document it. Thus, the temperature differences of the paving material can be seen throughout the process, so that if necessary, it can be reacted immediately by taking the appropriate measures.

These technological solutions are an important element for the interconnected work of the future and contribute in a decisive way to the longevity of the road. Its development and its daily use in projects from all over the world are just one more proof that digitization 4.0 is already part of the daily routine of every project.


2.1.1 Characteristics and advantages of the solution - temperature measuring infrared


The unique infrared technology of the scanner offers the decisive advantage that it measures the temperature of the asphalt surface and the material with great precision. In addition, its measurement capacity of a width of up to 13 m makes it technically superior to the camera-based solutions available in the market.

The fundamental capacity of the solution is given by three functions: the highly accurate data recording with a cloud solution, its connection with open interfaces for the current asphalt and process logistics systems and a scalable reporting system in detail. With the automatic measurement of the temperature displayed in a human machine interface (HMI), self-explanatory temperature profiles show new possibilities for optimization and the best thing is that it does not involve extra work for the team in charge of the extended works. In addition to the exhaustive display and documentation of temperature measurements, the definitive advance is the fact that the system allows interconnection with the finisher, which is the "cornerstone" for the work of the future.


Characteristics of the solution:

»Highly accurate measurement of material temperature for the identification of thermal segregation

»Modular design with individually combinable and expandable components

»Open interfaces for logistics and optimization solutions providers

»Detailed thermal profile of the extended asphalt layer

»Real-time recording and analysis of temperature values

»Cloud solution for easy management of data 


Advantages of the solution:

»Optimization of the paving process by monitoring all relevant temperatures in real time

»Display of the thermal properties of the material (thermal segregation)

»Perfect adaptability for the equipment of all types and models of finishers

»Registration of extremely large pave widths


soon, to be continued...

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