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Paving Artificially Intelligent, with Temperature Control, thickness, leveling and compaction - Introduction (Part 1)

Introduction (Part 1)


The construction of roads does not depend more on the accumulated experience of the workers, be the workers on production of materials, on operations of machinery, be it the surveyors, almost of all those who are involved in a complete process of construction of a road.

In summary "The technological evolution applied to the segment already allows us to obtain optimum performance even with a less experienced team”.

New technologies with human machine interfaces (HMI), ultrasonic sensors, infrared sensors, satellite technology, artificial intelligence and telemetry are helping a lot in road works. In the past the operators guided the steps of the machines, "Today, the machines guide the steps of the operators".

The futuristic and spooky portraits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that dominate movies and books and influence the collective imagination do not go beyond mere fiction. But, in the real world, AI is changing our daily lives, and overwhelmingly, through ways that improve human health, safety and productivity. Contrary to what we see in the cinema, there are no armies of robots with superhuman capabilities in the closest horizon, despite being many critics who faced a myriad of problems and threats led by this unprecedented evolution. And, despite the fact that the potential for an abusive use of AI technologies must be recognized, addressed and debated, along with numerous emerging ethical issues, their greatest potential lies, among a set of diverse fields, in making the driving of vehicles are safer, help children and adults to learn, to improve - and to extend - the quality of life of humans. Actually, the use of AI beneficial applications in schools, in our homes, in hospitals and in construction, is added at an accelerated pace: the large universities devote more and more time and resources to their study and technology and research companies , they are allocating resources and giant investments in their exploitation.

Between great hopes, fears and challenges or threats, the impact that AI will have in different areas of our existence is not science fiction. For good and for evil, but believing that it will be more for good, the rapid march of Artificial Intelligence has no return. The AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) have already arrived and are here to stay. Also, the Building Information Modeling (BIM), deals with how to use digital technology in the design, construction and management of assets for life. In this way, this model presents an organized and classified information on the cartography, the linear information for the tracing of roads and railways, the bridges, the structures and walls, the tunnels, the environment, the treatments of the land and the planning of work, as well as other services affected by water, electricity and gas. In addition, this organized system allows a more uniform, coherent, versatile and more comprehensible information.





to be continued soon,...

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