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Which information data and plots must or should be shown on an IC report?

With the MOBA Compaction Assistant we are able to collect a lot of data, like stiffness values frequencies, amplitudes, temperatures, number of passes and positions. Furthermore roller specifications and site information are available. How to present all those information? In which format this data must be provided?

bmarx 08.12.2015 2 2043
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  •  sdesai: 
    Great report, thankyou for sharing , this is going to be really helpful for an ongoing development project in India.
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  •  linasmc: 
    Starting May this year we made more than ten individual MCA-2000 system trials at various road constructions sites. During comparably short period of time we managed to gained an experience within asphalt compaction of no match to any other. At system demo sessions the focus was made not only at issues related to operators functions, but we also used reporting data from MCA-2000 to expose issues related with asphalt “production-transportatio­n-paving”­ and “compaction-patterning”. As result from all these compaction demonstrations activities and communications with clients, we came to a type of report which adding high value to the system, and at the same time information gathered with MCA-2000 system allows for customers to evaluate process improvement progress.

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