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sdesai added new blog post

This year we  wanted to share the success of our "MOBA LLS SYSTEM"  specially now that it has found more than  1000 happy farmers in India and abroad, we thought that  the best way to celebrate it was to have a gathering of all the teammates and their fami
30.10.2017 4 likes 0 comments 0 comments
sdesai commented on a blog post
Hello Prashant Chaudhari , First of all a warm welcome to our community, since Dynapac is one of the first OEM to promote this technology in India, we would be glad if you could spread some light on this topic with your experience and feedback your recieved from our Indian market.

Better roads - Highway contractor 25 This is a very intersting article in the magazine Better Roads by Dan Brown. It is clearly stated that according to the research there is not a strong correlation between measured stiffness (with IC) and density. Ano
11.12.2015 0 likes 23 comments 23 comments
sdesai commented on a blog post
May be Ravi Shanker Potabattuni can throw some light on this topic , from what I know the Big contractors are educated on this concept by both Dynapac and Wirtgen but we are yet to see this any machines in action in India

The development of compact asphalt paving technology goes back the 1990s. Up to now many square meters of asphalt were laid in that way in Germany. Supporters and studies say that the advantages are saving money, time and material and also the improvement
09.12.2015 0 likes 5 comments 5 comments
sdesai commented on a blog post
Great report, thankyou for sharing , this is going to be really helpful for an ongoing development project in India.

With the MOBA Compaction Assistant we are able to collect a lot of data, like stiffness values frequencies, amplitudes, temperatures, number of passes and positions. Furthermore roller specifications and site information are available. How to present all t
08.12.2015 0 likes 2 comments 2 comments
sdesai added new blog post

I am not sure how it is in other countries but in this part of the world it is quite common to see a road side hut , tea stall or even restaurants to have their walls painted with advertisements , Its bascially a symbiosis between the poor stall or hut own
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