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MOBA will be present at the Smart City Expo 2015, in Barcelona from November 17th to the 19th (Hall 2, Stand 674 F). Most notable with its solution for Smart Cities is the new solution MAWIS SMART WASTE. It is considered to be the first tool to provide a complete solution to the waste collection service.

This solution provides real-time information in regards to bin filling sensors, planning and route optimization within the MAWIS U2.0 software. Information is sent to vehicles via the MOBA Operand onboard computer with its “FollowMe” functionality. The MOBA vehicle identification solutions with RFID and GPS receiver offer full traceability of waste collection operations. All this information is registered in-vehicle and sent back to the real-time management software MAWIS U2.0, where then evaluated for proper analysis of the results.

For the waste sector, MOBA shows its wide variety of high-capacity mobile applications and functionalities with its on-board computers (Operand, CG1) and handsets, like the new BTR2.


CitInApp U2.0

CitInApp is an application for smartphones, available in two versions: one for service companies and the other for citizens. With CitInApp, one can report incidents that happen in the city. There are eight categories of incidents. By selecting a category, a list of the different types of incidents that can be chosen, are displayed, including bin, street, lighting, traffic, signs, graffiti, parks and gardens, and others.CitInApp copia.jpg

In the case of selecting the bin option for example, one can have access to a list of bin incidents. This app allows for taking a photo of the incident, with its geo-positioning function, automatically calculated through GPS.


MAWIS Start is an application for city-owned equipment, available for service companies.

The APP can send information about “inventory items” in a city to the MAWIS U2.0 platform in real-time. Through this, a database can be created through the use of GPS by geo-tagging each item on the map.

The mindset how a Smart City should look like has changed over the years. Smart Cities are as much about the new urban technologies that help manage cities more efficiently, as they are about changing people’s and institutions’ framework on processes. In combination, they make cities a better place to live in. Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) aims to define what smart cities are, including their challenges and to analyze what solutions are most relevant. Always keeping society and the public at the center of debate, remains the longstanding and continued priority.

Major companies, investment companies, small businesses, entrepreneurs, opinion leaders, and cities... All sharing the same physical space, where ideas and projects for Smart Cities become a reality.

This Congress is giving cities the chance to collaborate with other cities. Participating in the Congress' various activities allow for expanding knowledge while exchanging best practices through networking.

We are looking forward seeing at the Smart City Expo 2015!

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