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I am pleased to inform you that Moba Italy and Stonex Italia have started a collaboration for the sale of the MOBA X-SITE, GS 506 LASERMATIC AND DUAL LASERMATIC AND 3DMATIC systems all over Italy. Stonex will take care of marketing and installation of our
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Thanks Clement to visit us.

Italy and Spain have many things in common, Mediterranean weather, beautiful beaches, Latin character, good food, good football, and many more. But in the field of Waste management, Italy is ahead of us, and, since some years they count with very interesti
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Minicranes development cooming soon
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Hello Jutta,the technical solutions adopted to meet the essential requirements of safety and health protection, to resort to the most effective technical means available at a reasonable cost, taking into account the total cost of the category of machinery concerned and the necessary risk reduction. ""

So the machine manufacturers are not required to implement technical solutions that are still in the research stage or technical means do not commonly available in the market."" However, ""they must take account of technical progress and adopt the most effective and appropriate technical solutions to the machine in question, when these are available at a reasonable cost.

Firstly the inherent stability of the machine;

- Secondly, where there is a continuing risk of loss of stability, you should install the necessary devices and protective equipment to prevent the machine from tipping or falling over. In this regard, the manufacturer has to consider the foreseeable misuse of the machine which may result in the risk of rolling or tipping over. The necessary protection measures may include, for example, the endowment of electronic controls on outriggers, speed limiters, devices for controlling the position, sensing devices of the overload and the time and inclination sensing devices;

- Third, to the residual risks that can not be completely eliminated by these devices, you must provide appropriate indicators such as, for example, tachometers, inclinometers, anemometers, in addition to information, warnings and instructions necessary to ensure that operators can avoid situations that could lead to a roll or tip the machine during any phase of its existence.

We have asked Boris Zils, Product Manager for Crane and Platform Lifter at MOBA, this and several other questions. Boris, what is a safety and redundant system and what problem does it solve for the customer? Answer: Modern machines benefit from compl
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Roma-Fiumicino is the largest airport in Italy and, with 38.5 million passengers passing through it every year, the eighth largest in Europe. This means a very high frequency of aircraft taking off and landing, putting a very heavy load on the airport's f
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