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MOBA Xsite Pro Excavator with Tilt bucket in Korea


In recent years, construction margins are declining globally, and companies must adapt to this new price/cost environment. More and more research suggests that new business models need to focus on achieving the highest rate of productivity by saving money, costs, and time. An interesting research paper: “The development of a machine control technology and productivity evaluation for Excavator.” from Korea in the Journal of drive and control of 2020 confirms that: ”(…)it was possible to confirm productivity improvement compared to manual digging and leveling work. In the future, further research to improve the accuracy of the hydraulic precision control and collaborative work with heterogeneous construction equipment such as dump truck and automated collaboration tasks technology could be developed." 


The construction industry in Korea is preparing for an area of machine guidance and machine control leading toward full automation processes to make their construction site more efficient, increase safety and counteract lost margin gains.

MOBA wants to support Korean operators with their 3D guidance and machine control systems and walk the path of automation together. We are proud to have installed another Xsite Pro system in Korea with our Korean distributor JUHYUN - another happy customer. Our end-customer Mister Kim especially welcomed the idea that MOBA Xsite system enables the operator to include the use of his JUHYUN tiltrotor. Another feature that simplifies the work for the operator is the simple way to create your own basic designs for trenches and groundwork. Having worked with systems from the opposition, Mister Kim highlighted, that the Xsite Pro interface is the most convenient and simple for performing optimum also on difficult tasks.


MOBA Xsite is connected to Xsite Manage – our cloud solution for documentation and troubleshooting. Our team can access your 3D system with remote support and assist in case of questions and support. 3D is a support business and that is our strength!

Thank you very much to JUHYUN and Mister Kim  - we are looking forward to more Xsite development in Korea.

Alex_Wahlmann 28.06.2022 0 4941
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