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Improvements for traffic

The road infrastructure on the Polish Baltic coast will be an upgrade in even better terms of transportation technology. West Pomerania has announced the construction of 470km of Express Roads and Motorways until 2023.


One of the most important projects is the construction of the Express Road S6, which will run parallel to the coast between the German border via Szczecin to Gdansk. The road will be about 330km long and most of it will be completely rebuilt. This section should be completed by the end of 2020. The new construction of the S6 will include numerous bridges and tunnels, to allow wild animals to cross the Express Road.  No less important is the competition of the S3 from Szczecin to the seaside resort Swinoujscie. The ring road to the harbor in Darlow is already completed.

Picture 2: motoryzacja.interial Reporter Wojciech Strozyk

The Polish Baltic Coast is becoming more and more popular with tourists. The reasons for this are the climate, the fresh air, the good service and the low prices. The downside is that most tourists travel by car and block the roads. However, the road situation is improving bit by bit.


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Around 120km Express Roads and Ordinary Roads in Western Pomerania were created in the last 8 years. The most important project was to establish Bypass Roads around the local centers.  It is a big improvement in quality of life and accessibility for the popular resorts like Darlowo. The West bypass S37 was completed last October.


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