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MCE LASERS control panel with MOBA LS3000 receivers

MOBA Australia has integrated its popular Single and Dual control panels CB.D2.CAN and CB.DUO2.CAN to work with a range of MOBA sensors including LS3000, MOBA Sonic, MOBA 3D Matic and more.

The system architecture allows for various setup methods to suit different machinery types

As you can see in the below images the system was recently installed on a Fontana Geo blade.

Key points

- The junction boxes allow for easy dismount of the blade and control system

- Each function from the left channel can be locked to the right channel eg: to lock the ref key, to lock the Auto/manual button

- The system can control all common hydraulic types Bang Bang, Proportional current IO, Proportional Voltage VO

- Proportional joystick to control each hydraulic channel,

- Additional AUX hydraulic keys to be able to drive additional valves (this was useful to control the valve that lifts and lowers the front wheel)

This customer also plans to use Ultrasonic on the machine for Curb referencing


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