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MDS 1000 - Installation steps

MDS 1000 

The following videos will show a detailed overview of the installation process divided into the mechanical and electrical installation.

System component overview


1) The Display

The GDC-320 is the display or indicator of the system, it should be installed in the driver's cab (RAM-mount is included). The operator must always be able to read and operate it easily.




Electrical installation and Powersupply

The power supply cable is connected to the display. At the other end of the cable, the blue wire must be connected to ground. The white wire must be connected to 12V+ . 




2) The MTSC-203 

The MTSC-203 is an optional input extension. This interface is required when the drilling machine provides more than one digital signal to start and stop the rod change process. It should be installed in an existing control cabinet if possible.

Mechanical installation




Electrical installation




Electrical installation ROD changer

The cable for the rod change signals is connected to the MTSC. The inputs for the rod change signals must be connected to pick-up points provided by the machine.



3) The Slope sensor

The slope sensor MSS-322 is used to detect the inclination of the mast. This sensor must be installed in a suitable position, preferably close to the pivot point of the mast.

Mechanical installation




Electrical installation

If the input extension MTSC-203 is installed, the slope sensor is connected to it by a cable. If no MTSC-203 is used, the inclination sensor is connected directly to the display




4)  The Depth sensor OCD

The depth sensor OCD is used to measure the depth of the borehole. To be able to use the depth sensor, the drill must have a circulation system. This means that the linear movement of the drill carriage must be converted into a rotary movement on a rotating roller. If there is no recirculating roller on the machine, the manufacturer must fit one.

Mechanical installation



As soon as a 6 mm shaft is available on the machine, the supplied coupling can be fitted there. The sensor is then connected to the coupling. Make sure that the shafts of the machine and the sensor are not off-center.




Electrical installation


Please contact us directly if you need detailed information about the rod change line variations. We will support you in each case.

Thank you 



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