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Do You Know the Advantages of the MOBA-matic II?

Do you already work with the MOBA-matic II leveling system for your road construction?

As the OEM Sales Manager for Leveling Systems at MOBA, I receive regularly inquiries from my customers what added value they will get with the MOBA-matic II versus the MOBA-matic I.

Here are the Grade Control Benefits for you –

MOBA-matic II MOBA-matic I

Before we started the development, we have asked current users of the MOBA-matic I what they would like to see in a new system. Their wishes and suggestions were taking into consideration and implemented, with the outcome of a more intuitive working MOBA-matic II.
The result: the best high performance, user-friendly and flexible grade control system you can find in the market.

What benefits do you have now with MOBA-matic II?

-Brilliant TFT Color Graphic display 240 x 320 (3.5") – higher visibility

-Remote control from left/right side ( MOBAmatic cross operation )– more flexibility

If you work on the left side, you can see the values of the right side and vice versa.
In addition, you have the possibility to operate both sides without running back and forth to the other side. You can operate the MOBA-matic II on the right side standing on the left side, and the other way around.

-Additional display for sensor value (e.g. temperature, slope…) – more user-friendly

It is often very helpful to see an additional sensor value on the MOBA-matic display. You can do so by selecting the sensor that fits best your current application. For example, if you select the slope-sensor to indicate the slope of asphalt, then you see both, levelling and slope in your control window. Having that option allows for higher efficiency in your daily work at the job site.

-Big Ski up to 4 sensors – more precision

The MOBA-Matic II is an overall more easy-to-use and technologically advanced system, allowing for greater efficiency, higher job quality and ease-of-use.

What do you think? Do you already have experience with the MOBA-Matic II or would you like to give it a try? I am looking forward to your feedback, ideas, and suggestions.

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  •  vasilevs: 
    I suggest to add connection of moba temperature sensor to this article. And visibility of the temperature of asphalt. This extension is very useful and interesting. As for experience, in Russia Korrus has requests only for Moba-matic II in Big Sonic-Ski with 4 sensors. 30 systems are already installed.
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