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Big Sonic Ski for highway construction in Japan, Hiroshima

The below pictures show our MOBA MATIC II connected to the Big Sonic Ski with 3 Ultra Sonic Ski working on a Highway site in Hiroshima on a Sumitomo paver.

The Japanese end customer decided to work with a BIG SONIC SKI because this project demanded extra smooth surface coverage with asphalt.

NO String line was used as the BSS enables reading from existing references by correcting any irregularities in the work flow.

In addition this project was under the surveillance of the local road authorities. Once more this proves that when road contractors are in need of quality pavement they chose MOBA. Next to the quality aspects, the BSS furthermore saves a lot of material as the BSS enables the contractor to put exactly the asphalt thickness that is demanded by the project without running the risk of using to less or too much asphalt.

Comment: “The end customer was very satisfied about using the MOBA BSS and MOBA has once again increased their recognition for paving appliances with high quality outcome in Japan.”

(Shiro Yoneshige, Sales and Quality manager at JEMCO)

We thank JEMCO for their trust in MOBA and are looking forward to accomplish more projects together in the future.

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