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Construction of a bypass highway in Siberia with Big-4-Sonic-Ski

Despite the fact, that the new Big Sonic-Ski system with 4 sensors appeared in the Russian market a year ago, it is actively used in road construction. Especially in Siberia which climate is very rough, the road-building season is short and all you can say about this situation is the old proverb: “Time is money”.

The project: whole renovation and modernization of motorway from Taishet to Irkutsk.

The project includes building of bypass highways. One of them is building near Shiberta village. As the result the average speed and safety conditions on the motorway will be higher, it will be upgraded to the next road category. The main contractor used a new Dynapac paver with Big Sonic-Ski with 4 sensors. The constriction director:” This project is of Federal importance. Time is short and the accuracy requirements are very high”. After a month usage the feedback the feedback is perfect. The main advantage of using the system is its precision and comfort of controlling the screed. There is a huge Federal project of modernization the whole infrastructure, not only M-53 “Siberia” but also M-55 “Baikal” (up to Chita city). It is a difficult project because of height change and sharp bends. These motorways connect Russia with China and Mongolia, that’s why the project is very important. Its renovation, modernization and construction will demand from the contractors all possible efforts to do it.

M-53”Siberia” and M-55”Baikal”

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  •  jutta: 
    I also find this a very interesting job report. Thank you Vasily Tumakov for sharing and your great contributions to the Moba Community!
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