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LOGISTIC MACHINERY a part of TDC Group New Dealer for MOBA earthmoving systems in Ukraine

Since 2019, the TDC group of companies has become an official dealer of MOBA Mobile Automation AG Earthmoving and mobile weighing products.

Several projects have been implemented for the installation of a levelling system on motor graders.




"Since road construction is a complex process that involves a wide fleet of equipment: asphalt pavers, road milling machines, excavators (with various attachments), bulldozers and graders, drilling and piling equipment, loaders, the work of each piece of equipment simply needs to be automated, which will increase it efficiency several times. MOBA has been dealing with this issue for almost 50 years" mean Vladimir Ivanov from Logistic Machinery a part of the group TDC. (Sales Manager Erik Geis from MOBA on the left and on the right  Sales Manager Vladimir Ivanov from Logistic Machinery)





The TDC group of companies offers installation and maintenance of the MOBA GS-506 (2D) universal leveling system. This system is designed for graders and bulldozers. It greatly simplifies the excavation and grading work during the construction of the road base. The system eliminates downtime while waiting for the surveyor's team, speeding up the workflow.

There are several options for completing the GS-506:

1. Basic system.

This semi-automatic configuration provides control of blade cross slope. Height adjustment takes place manually using levers. An excellent starting point for rough excavation work on a bulldozer. It also dramatically speeds up traditional "stakes" grading operations as the operator controls the height from one side of the blade. The system requires a minimum of time to retrain the operator and does not change the usual procedure for specialists.

2. Ultrasonic system.

The basic system is complemented by the Sonic-Ski ultrasonic sensor. This configuration of the MOBA GS-506 is fully automatic: Automatic control of cross slope, blade height and blade hold are three functions that provide the operator with the comfort of operating the machine. He does not need the commands of the surveyor (does not stand idle), is concentrated on work, performs grading work, especially "clean passes" much faster. It also reduces the requirements for the professional qualities of the operator. Ultrasound system -- this is the most versatile option, which is suitable for the construction of roads and square objects. The support surface can be a stretched line, a road edge, or an already prepared surface (especially when the operator makes a parallel pass). This configuration can be installed on a grader and a bulldozer, but is more relevant for a grader.


3. Laser system.

The basic system is complemented by a laser plane builder and a laser receiver on the mast. This configuration of the system is the most accurate, in addition, it allows you to freely move around the construction site, however, a laser plane is used as a reference surface, respectively, the grader can only copy the plane, and this is clearly not enough for the construction of a road with a complex longitudinal profile. The system is intended for the construction of site facilities: shopping centres, stadiums, parking lots.



 Installing even the simplest basic MOBA GS-506 system on a grader / bulldozer will increase the productivity of excavation and grading operations, especially at the stage of final "finishing passes" significant.

By installing the MOBA GS-506 system on a grader / bulldozer, the road construction company will receive the following benefits: 

- increasing the pace of work and labor productivity;

- high accuracy and quality of work and, as a result, a decrease in the likelihood of unplanned expenses associated with correcting and reworking work.

- independent workflow - the ability to build an object in a shorter time frame.

- work comfort - reducing the requirements for the operator's professional skills, increasing his productivity and increasing motivation.

- the ability to upgrade and modify in 3D - the system recognizes the type of connected sensor.

- improving the reputation of the company using advanced construction technologies in its work.





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