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from david_holland ( 5 days ago ) 0
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Category : Crane and Lifters
Rain or shine, the work of essential services continues, and I’m always thankful for that. When th
from creichel ( 30.04.2020 ) 0
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Category : Crane and Lifters, Technical Articles
Project completion: The project completion is confirmed by the customer as well as by MOBA AG (cont
from Alex_Wahlmann ( 27.04.2020 ) 0
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Category : Crane and Lifters, Technical Articles, Earthmoving
Also, in times of Corona, we are still busy in Australia supporting customers to successfully comple
from david_holland ( 17.04.2020 ) 0
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Category : Crane and Lifters, Technical Articles, Earthmoving, Crane and Lifters, Best Practices
 Recently, the ANSI Accredited Standards Developers (ASC) voted to extend the effective date of the
from aholleyn ( 24.03.2020 ) 0
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Category : Crane and Lifters, Technical Articles, Earthmoving, Crane and Lifters, Best Practices, Best Practices
In my last article, I explained the two possible ways of project management and also presented the c

The ANSI Accredited Standards Developers (ASC) voted to extend the effective date of the A92 standards to June 1, 2020. The vote comes after 10 companies and organizations filed a petition in few weeks ago with the A92 secretariat to end the appeals proces
gsalemme 27.02.2020 0 243

Platform products are in basic terms standard hardware products combined with customized software. These come in form of controllers, HMIs and sensors that can be mixed and matched to fit an application. What are the benefits of Platform Applications?
gsalemme 09.12.2015 0 1257

For each customer the biggest challenge lays in switching from one supplier to another, or simply from a product (in this case the system solution, hardware and software together) to another one. That is where the ugly comes into play. Required resources,
gsalemme 09.12.2015 0 1615

If you look for a controller for mobile control systems there are several points to consider. First there are some common specifications any good controller should have to be suitable for the harsh environment they have to function in. Secondly, there are
gsalemme 09.12.2015 0 3861

MOBA has been invited to talk at the annual industry show CAR HMI concepts & systems 2015 that combines international expert industry keynotes and well-moderated, interactive networking sessions, and private discussions. The forum was mainly focused o
gsalemme 07.12.2015 0 2212

Very proud of our team. Great to be recognised for the firm's commitment to automate any Off-Highway machinery, but we aren't resting on our laurels. Still lots to do!
gsalemme 07.12.2015 0 1885

Friday, October the 2nd, MOBA HMI Modular Concept has been awarded as ""Product Innovation"" of the year 2015 from the IALTA (Italian Lifting & Transportation Awards) during the last GIS in Piacenza, Italy. GIS (Giornate Italiane del Sollevamento) i
gsalemme 07.12.2015 0 3053

The power or potential of the modular concept, developed by MOBA for HMI solutions, is something that makes a machine customization easier and quicker, for any type of machinery in the off-highway sector. The video is illustrating how a solution could be d
gsalemme 07.12.2015 0 1280

Whether lifting people, reliability and safety are key in the business of Cranes & Lifters equipment, whether we consider a big or a smaller-sized lifting platform or cranes, cost-efficiency is an important aspect as well, meaning that few companies ca
gsalemme 04.12.2015 0 1508

MOBA Cranes & Lifters Team is setting-up a safety relevant system for a trailor mounted platform in these days in Hungary, and here we share some pictures about the different components installed. The customer is a new emerging company, named EUROPELI
gsalemme 04.12.2015 0 1310
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